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EDILIZIA CASTELLINI is a construction company that has been operating for more than fifty years. Over half a century of life in which important works have been built that have helped to write the story of our cities and of our territory. A valuable experience with its roots deep in the past to better face the challenges of the future.
Over the years we have known how to develop and diversify our business activities, acquiring the reputation as a company for general construction; We operate within all areas of the construction sector, for public and private commissioners and through real estate initiatives (with activities related to general contracting and to the management such services) with work sites nation-wide.

The areas of the Company's business excellence are:

1) Civil and industrial buildings
2) Restoration and maintenance of property subject to protection under the provisions that regulate cultural and environmental patrimony
3) Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, tramways, subways, funiculars, airport runways and related ancillary works.
4) Aqueducts, pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and drainage
5) Marine works and dredging
6) River works, defense, hydraulic and reclamation
7) Ground works
8) Special structural works
EDILIZIA CASTELLINI, beyond just enviable know-how acquired over time, can also boast of a great degree of satisfaction among public and private commissioners. A result consistently reached thanks to the care given to human resources and to technical competencies, to organizational and structural flexibility, to continuous updates and compounded knowledge of advanced technologies, the high quality of processes and execution that is guaranteed by ample certifications. The structure is comprised of specialised internal units and relies on the collaboration of external companies e highly qualified professionals, to guarantee the numerous specific requirements of the different sectors in which it operates.

The company possesses Certificate of Qualification for the Execution of Public Works (SOA) for construction activities from 03/06/2002 and dating to 22/05/2001 the Certificate for Quality Management Systems for the following services:
Design, construction, restoration, and sale of civil and industrial engineering works - Design, construction, restoration, and maintenance of infrastructural mobility works, or rather, road and related and complementary works - Design, construction, restoration, and maintenance of water networks, or rather aqueducts and evacuation works. The company, having always been attentive to environmental policies, is a founding partner of the THE RECOVERIES CONSORTIUM LTD
with its administrative seat in Perugia and its operational office in Bastia Umbra (PG) in an ex-quarry that is no longer used. It is a society that operates in the environmental sector and possesses all the necessary authorizations for the extraction and the disposal of the Grounds and Rocks from quarries and of the wastes from demolition and construction activities.

is associated with Confindustria Perugia and ANCE (National Association of Builders).